Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, please be aware that we will be administering strict new health and safety protocols, and modifying on and off court formats and schedules. All information is subject to change due to constantly evolving CDC, national, state and local guidelines.


Tennis 101 (4-week adult beginner series) - More details here!

Mondays 6-7pm, Fridays 9-10am & Saturdays 11am-12pm
Are you ready to go from 0 to Pro in 4 short weeks? Meet new friends, learn new skills and have fun playing tennis! Our Tennis 101 sessions are designed specifically for adults new to the game. Following our proven pathways of success by playing in Tennis 101 Leagues during your session and joining Instant Tennis for the next step!

Price: Complimentary for Members! $70 for Non Members

Tennis 201

Mondays 6-7pm, Wednesdays 10-11am & Saturdays 11am-12pm
Designed for the playing who is returning to the game or has graduated from Tennis 101, this clinic will expand on the basic fundamentals of the game. Stroke and point play development are the focus, making this the perfect complement to our Tennis Leagues.

Daily Price: $18 (Members), $24 (Non Members)

Intermediate Morning Clinic 

Wednesdays & Thursdays 9-10am, Saturdays 9-10:30am

Morning Drills and point play for the intermediate adult player, USTA rating 2.5-3.75 and above. This Clinic is perfect for those looking to hit a lot of tennis balls and also play in competitive “match-like” scenarios with points and games against a variety of players each day. Our pros will put you through the paces and give broad advice on technique and strategy for you to take into your private lessons. 

1 Hour Pricing: $18 (Members), $24 (Non Members) | 1.5 Hour Pricing: $27 (Members),

$36 (Non Members)

Advanced Clinic

Wednesdays 6-7pm, Fridays 9-10am

High level point play construction and play patterns for the complete tournament player, USTA rating 4.0 and above. This clinic will be a fast paced session that includes specific details for doubles, footwork, and fitness. Points and match play will follow the drills with an emphasis on strategy and match-like scenarios.
Price: $18 (Members), $24 (Non Members)

Hit 2B Fit

Tuesdays 6-7pm

Tennis Fit is an engaging group fitness program featuring the heart pumping effects of tennis drills, games, and skills delivering the ultimate full body and calorie burning aerobic and anaerobic workout. Tennis Fit is a very social activity for all ages, ability and fitness levels. The Low Compression Balls equalize the playing field, enhancing the workout to get you in the best shape of your life.  All levels welcome, however, completion of Tennis 101 course is required.

Price: $12 (Members), $15 (Non Members)


Private & Semi-Private Tennis Lessons Available.
Please inquire for formats and pricing


Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm

Fridays: 8am-6pm

Saturdays: 8am-5pm

Sundays: 9am-5pm



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